Millet by Carol
June 23, 2011, 6:19 pm
Filed under: by Carol, Food

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Millet growing in a field

About six months ago we started feeding the neighborhood birds from a little feeder on our balcony. Happy birds, happy cats watching birds, happy humans watching cats watching birds. Along comes Spring and we decide to start our patio garden with planters and rail boxes. We fill with soil and plant our seeds and low and behold things start growing. But those things weren’t quite what we had in mind. The millet from the bird seed was growing like mad in the boxes where the messy birds would toss them.

So like good gardeners (but not so great permaculturists) we plucked out those little “weeds” and tossed them out to give our planned crops a chance. We also moved the bird feeder to a point below the level of the planters so that the many stray seeds would fall to the ground away from our crops.

And STILL some makes it into our planters. How DO they DO that? So I get to thinking “my word that stuff grows everywhere.” And then I get to thinking “my word that stuff grows everywhere AND it is something I BUY from the store and EAT!” Now here I just started this blog about FOOD, shelter and clothing and I’m tossing out “weeds” of a food crop that seems desperate to grow. What am I THINKING?

So I do a little research and find that it does indeed grow here and people do plant it for bird seed. Well if it can be grown for birds, how about for me? So now I’m experimenting with a couple of little pots each with a baby millet plant growing. We’ll see how it goes but these kind of “aha” moments are happening a lot lately. I think about everything I am eating now in terms of whether I can provide it, or something similar, for myself. And THAT is a whole lot of thinkin’!


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