I guess it started for me around the economic downturn in late 2008. It was about that time that I became aware of the Transition movement and there was much talk about survival in the event of a total societal collapse. Though I’m not prone to panic, I did get a survival handbook because that’s a pretty good thing to have around regardless.  These things all did get me thinking about how dependent most members of our western society are on other people for our basic needs. Here I was a grown adult on this planet and I could not directly provide for myself food, shelter nor clothing. Sure I could BUY those things but that still means I am dependent on others to grow, build and manufacture to meet those most basic needs.

The more I have thought about this, the more uncomfortable I have become. Not only does this dependency mean that I must continue earning money (passively or actively) in order to sustain myself, it means I am not a participant in the most fundamental human activities to sustain life.  So here in the middle of my life I am setting out to learn some skills which have been handed down through generations of human existence until sometime fairly recently when they were relinquished by most in pursuit of more “important” activities.

I do recognize that a thriving human society is, and has always been, a community affair.  So it is common and probably desirable that individuals specialize in their contributions. But I believe in the areas of basic food, shelter and clothing, some basic knowledge and skill will bring me great comfort and a feeling of enhanced connectedness with the human experience.

This blog is an online journal for the collection and synthesis of thoughts and activities and a means of sharing this journey with any who might have interest.


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